Pmta vape news

Initially set for May 12th, as the deadline was approaching, a number of entities including Altria Group Inc. Sadly, the PMTA regulatory process was clearly only designed for product manufacturers who can afford the time and financial costs that come with it, leaving the smaller business in ruins.

Approximately 14, small vape businesses are estimated to be forced to close down as a result, leaving overAmericans unemployed.

pmta vape news

It lists which brands have submitted their applications, had their applications accepted, chose to not submit, intend to submit and so forth. Dear U. New here? Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Recover your password. Friday, October 9, Forgot your password? Get help. Vaping Post.

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The PMTA Deadline: What Does It Mean For You?

Supbox SXK review. Thor AIO — Thinkvape review. Alike Pod — Smok Review.Vapewild has been a very popular vendor for years with most American vapers. They had their own line of e-juice that comes in just about any flavor you can imagine. The story of VapeWild is charming. Three friends got together with a plan and started their very own vape company. They wanted the VapeWild brand to be fun, colorful, and helpful to those who were looking to quit smoking.

Fast forward a few years and everyone has tried at least one of their signature juices. VapeWild created a huge following on its Facebook page that cemented the feeling of community. Often times their Facebook page would have a poll on what new flavors should be made. It was a unique experience, to say the least. VapeWild eventually became known for not only their own juice line.

It carried various hardware and accessories, along with many other juice companies they partnered with. The company became a known affiliate with vape news web pages and often supplied reviewers with products to review.

This means you pay a small fee for several different e-juices based on the flavor profile you provide. Personally, I tried the sample packs several times and I always found at least a few flavors I enjoyed. Two years ago VapeWild released their salt nic versions of the most popular flavors. The rise of pod devices deemed it a necessity and VapeWild rose to the challenge with new takes on the vast expanse of flavors.

Last year VapeWild had some kind of partnership with R. Reynolds tobacco. The website started selling the popular VUSE brand of pod systems that are owned and operated by the tobacco giant. This seemed like good news when the PMTA deadline shifted. If anyone has the money to face the FDA, you would think large tobacco manufacturers have plenty of money and resources.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. VapeWild sent a message to all of their customers saying they will not be able to face the FDA when September 9th comes around.

The notice reads as follows:. So, September 9th will be the end of the line for VapeWild. And while we still have some time left together, we wanted to let you know as soon as we could so that you would have a chance to get everything you need stocked up.

Our sincerest hope, though, is that we have somehow made a difference in the world for the better over these last six years. We did the best we could and sure enjoyed the heck out of sharing it with all of you. We wish you the best on your vape journey! We are running out of time for vape companies to submit a PMTA.

pmta vape news

So far, we have seen a few companies rise to the occasion. Companies are running out of time to apply.Update Sept. That is a significant event, and indicates that others will probably also be accepted for further scientific review. It doesn't mean they will ultimately receive market approval, but probably means they will be able to remain on the market for a year or more while the FDA studies their application.

After Sept. The actual deadline to submit is at p. How the PMTA deadline will affect the lives of vapers and the businesses that serve them has been the subject of a lot of speculation, starting when the PMTA deadline was first announced in But as the date has gotten closer—and is now just a day away—the questions, arguments, guesses, misinformation, fear, anger, and despair in the vaping community have multiplied and exploded.

The simple fact is that no one knows what will happen immediately after Sept. Some things we know, and others we can make educated guesses about. Unfortunately, the future may be dark for some small vape businesses, and many will probably become cherished memories. It grandfathered all tobacco products that were sold before Feb. The law protects cigarettes, which was the primary goal for the Philip Morris negotiators. It also makes bringing new, lower-risk products to market difficult, by setting a very high bar for FDA approval.

Although the law was not passed untilthe negotiations had been completed years before. On May 5, the agency issued the Deeming Rule and captured e-cigarettes, cigars, pipes and pipe tobacco, and hookah products.

But no vaping product had been on the market before that date. Manufacturers wishing to introduce new products after that date were required to seek and receive PMTA approval before selling them. That is still the case. The PMTA deadline has changed several times. Two of the changes were notable. On July 28,newly appointed FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb shocked both the vaping community and the powerful anti-vaping tobacco control organizations by pushing the deadline back four yearsto Aug.

Ina group of tobacco control organizations led by the American Academy of Pediatrics sued the FDAclaiming that Gottlieb had changed the deadline without going through the usual agency process mandated by the Administrative Procedure Act. Judge Grimm shortened the period a product under FDA review may stay on the market to one year.

He also gave the agency the ability to make exceptions to PMTA requirements on a case-by-case basis. This spring, the FDA appealed to the court to allow a day delay because of challenges posed to applicants and the FDA by the coronavirus pandemic. Judge Grimm granted the delay, and the deadline date changed to Sept.

It was designed to especially discourage manufacturers of bottled e-liquid and open-system products devices that use interchangeable parts. On the other hand, the agency looked in horror at the sprawling, messy vaping industry, with thousands of companies and millions of products, and knew it would be impossible to regulate effectively.

It could even have populated it with what is already known a lot and spared millions of hours of work and repetitive waste. Most small American vape manufacturers make e-liquid. To comply with the requirements described in the Deeming Rule, they would have to test each of their products in every combination of refillable atomizer and variable-voltage or -wattage mod available on the market—or at least a wide enough variety to cover all the types available, and at every possible possible power range.

The agency also provided no guarantee of approval. Small manufacturers might mortgage their houses and cash in their retirement accounts to complete a single application, only to have it rejected without explanation.

In fact, if only 50 applications were submitted, it would mean the independent industry had already been destroyed. Indeed, that was the intention.Before this past week, The United States was looking at a doomsday scenario when it came to all vaping products. Luckily, some companies are offering reassurance and vowing to gain legal status in The States.

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The regulations involved in the PMTA process would essentially leave vaping dead in the water, not allowing any products to be sold. This includes everything whether it is a vape device, accessory, or e-liquid.

Everything must be approved down to the coils in your tank, or the screws of your RDA. And this is bad news for new vapers. Thankfully, this week several parent company executives have insured us that they will be applying for their licence to sell vape products in The States.

We are coming down to the wire considering the deadline is in September and was originally scheduled for May 11th There is however, a sort of loophole for these companies. If these companies apply now, they have a 1 year grace period where they can continue to sell their products while the FDA reviews their PMTA application. This is a comprehensive list of all E-juice companies that have responded to me regarding their PMTA filing status.

This list will continue to update as I hear back from the companies.

pmta vape news

Note that just because they are filing, does not mean that they will be accepted. As this article states, the PMTA process is long and not everyone is going to be accepted. The current applicants are:. So, I understand this is going to be a point of contention for a lot of folks.

Yes, Juul is partly owned by big tobacco. Believe me, I understand the frustration with Juul. I share it with you, wholeheartedly. As a long-time hobbyist vaper it is hard to get onboard with what Juul has to offer. But when it comes to the path of legality, Juul has done their homework. The company has done extensive testing in the design of their device and more importantly, submitted evidence of harm reduction in the use of e-cigarettes.

The process is documented on their own website and they released this statement yesterday:. These people are vapers just like you and I. If our goal is to end smoking, then Juul has a place in that campaign. It probably comes as no surprise that VUSE will be filing. They certainly have the money to apply and remain on the market.

They have not mentioned how many flavors have been submitted. Innokin has confirmed that not only are their products UL listed, but they are also filing for a many different devices. Hopefully soon they will release which devices they have chosen to submit. Smok has released a statement saying they will comply with the FDA. They only have a snippet on their website and have yet to say just exactly which products they will submit.An announcement yesterday on a website claiming to represent the sellers of the disposable vape Puff Bar said that sales had been suspended.

The post followed a July 9 story on the website FairWarning that made a stab at untangling the confusing ownership of the brand, which has inherited much of the ire tobacco control groups once directed solely at JUUL. There are multiple business entities that claim to own Puff Bar or have filed trademarks for the brand. What exactly is a fake Puff Bar?

Good question. The better question is if there has ever been a legitimate Puff Bar. Puff Bar has announced that it has ceased online sales, but it never should have been selling e-cigarettes in the first place.

PMTA and Vaping in 2020: Everything You Need to Know as a Vaper

The FDA's inaction on illegally introduced tobacco products is endangering the health of the kids, and adults, who use them. For as long as Puff Bar has been around, Chinese commerce sites like Alibaba have featured Puff Bars being sold wholesale from multiple manufacturers.

pmta vape news

Essentially, anyone with a few thousand dollars and some time could turn a shipment of these products into a business. The devices were and are usually sold without liquid included. All an enterprising importer has to do is fill them up and push them out the door. So anyone can make Puff Bars and sell them, but getting rich doing it is a matter of successful distribution. It may be that the people who claim ownership of Puff Bar have been the most skilled at getting the product into stores and onto major vendor websites, and thereby have some claim to being kings of the Puff Bar empire.

However, it seems likely that a large number of the devices being sold are coming from multiple importers. A quick Alibaba search shows dozens of Chinese factories producing and wholesaling the familiar rectangular devices and several non-rectangular variations.

There would be no need for multiple manufacturers to provide one supply chain—and certainly no need to advertise it. Puff Bars—like all vaping products that were not on the market before Aug. In reality, the FDA exempted flavored disposable products in its guidance as a concession to the first-generation vape manufacturers like NJOY and many less well-known brands that have been selling disposable flavored cigalikes for a decade.

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Those products have never been popular among teenagers, and there was simply no reason for the FDA to include them in the ban on flavored products. The future of vaping will be a landscape of constantly shifting gray and black market products, with the FDA chasing after shadowy companies only to watch them disappear and reappear like sidewinders in the desert sand.

In an era of internet commerce, cheap intercontinental shipping, and cryptocurrency, a plodding regulatory agency like the FDA has no chance of banning products that people want. But despite the website announcement, the Puff Bar saga has almost certainly not ended.

Even if the owners of the website are the same people responsible for the online and c-store distribution model that has worked so well for Puff Bar, and even if that group has ceased selling products, Puff Bars will remain available as long as people want them, Chinese factories are willing to make them, and a few shady entrepreneurs exist in America. Best Products. July 15, Jim McDonald. Michigan Gov.

Whitmer Pushes a Permanent Flavor Ban. Australia Proposes a Vape Prescription Plan Smokers created vaping without any help from the tobacco industry or anti-smoking crusaders, and vapers have the right to keep innovating to help themselves. My goal is to provide clear, honest information about the challenges vaping faces from lawmakers, regulators, and brokers of disinformation. You can find me on Twitter whycherrywhy.

Notify of. Best Beginner Vapes in This act gave the U. Food and Drug Administration FDA the authority to regulate how certain tobacco products were manufactured, distributed, and marketed in the United States.

Additionally, it set the requirement that any tobacco product regulated by the TCA and introduced into the market or modified after February 15,needed to be approved by the FDA before being marketed. Per the TCA, any product derived from tobacco was now considered a tobacco product under federal law. Although the TCA requirements initially applied specifically to cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, roll-your-own tobacco, and smokeless tobacco, the Act also gave the FDA the leeway to determine which other tobacco products would be subject to the federal requirements.

In May,the FDA proposed to extend the submission deadline by three months. Then, in Julythe agency announced its intention to extend this deadline even further, to August 8,for combustible products e. District Court for the District of Maryland ordered the FDA to require manufacturers to submit premarket applications by May 12,for any newly deemed tobacco products. The court order also gave the FDA a one-year grace period to allow these products to remain largely available on the market, provided that applications had been submitted for them by the May 12 deadline.

Nevertheless, the FDA still was given the discretion to enforce the premarket review provisions before the submission date and during the one-year grace period.

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All applications for premarket authorization had to be filed by September 9, Because the deadline has now passed, any products for which premarket authorization applications were not submitted can no longer be marketed legally in the United States. As outlined in the original court order, if a manufacturer filed an application by the deadline, then the submitted products will generally be allowed to remain on the market for one year now September 9, However, the FDA may still choose to exercise enforcement at its discretion and take negative action against such products during this time, even though a PMTA has been submitted.

Because the PMTA process was rigorous and expensive, many smaller manufacturers chose not to file applications at all, whereas some other companies submitted applications for only one or two products. Keep in mind that even if a manufacturer submitted an application, there is no guarantee that the FDA will approve it.

What is a PMTA? How FDA Regulation is Going to Affect Vaping

Click here to see which brands and products we understand to have submitted PMTA applications by the September 9 deadline. Again, any product that did not go through the PMTA process is no longer available for purchase, so you may want to think about starting to replace your vape lineup with products that did go through. So what does PMTA mean for vapers? Post navigation Previous Post. Next Post. Related Articles.

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October 7, All about e-cigs. September 18, E-Cig News.In Februaryflavored vape cartridges were officially restricted from production in an unprecedented move by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. This decision came after an onslaught of underage e-cigarette use caused public concern. The point of this application is to give the FDA an opportunity to approve or deny a product based on:. It is a long and expensive process to gather all the necessary products that has priced out many vape manufacturers already.

At the time of the ruling, the FDA set a deadline for August 8, That deadline gave manufacturers two years to gather all upporting documents and submit for all products released to the market after August 8, In July ofthe FDA announced that they were extending the deadline by four years, to August 8, Several organizations and pediatricians, outraged that products they deemed unsafe would remain on the market for four more years, filed a lawsuit against the FDA.

The group of plaintiffs included:. The plaintiffs wanted to roll back the extension, make all PMTA applications due immediately, and remove all unapproved items from the market. The FDA wanted the extension to remain as it was. They would need time to review every application before approving items for the marketplace.

The criteria to approve or deny products were only real on paper. The FDA hasn't tested the criteria yet, so they don't know if they would work in practice.

So to prevent an industry collapse, the judge ruled on a middle ground. The judge reduced the extension by two years to May 11,citing both groups' concerns as valid. The deadline is coming up quickly for manufacturers, and vapers will feel the effects of the new process. The PMTA application process is long and expensive to file. If they can prove how similar they are to another product that is PMTA-approved, they could qualify for grandfathering.

With the anti-vaping organizations watching closely, the FDA is under a lot of pressure to critique products and their safety. Especially following the lawsuit, each decision will face scrutiny. Important criteria used for products released between August 8,and the deadline, May 11,include:. This is a part of the marketing requirement for the PMTA. The packaging matters. The product matters.

The component that holds the product matters.

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