How to activate a voodoo doll

If we explored voodoo deeper, however, we would find a rich and diverse spiritual practice.


We would see that voodoo dolls are not instruments of evil. Rather, they are instruments of intent.

How To Make A Voodoo Doll That Works

Voodoo is a religion that has been carried all around the globe, and all voodoo stems from ancient Africa. There, the religion is largely untouched by foreign influence, with thousands of years of indigenous tradition and heritage backing it up.

The Loa are our dead ancestors and the messengers of the Creator. They influence the daily affairs of the living, especially when it comes to love, money, family, happiness, justice or revenge. There is not much that is as closely tied to voodoo as the voodoo doll. African shamans started using dolls as a way to communicate with the Loa, like their dead ancestor, for guidance. The voodoo doll proved to be a reliable tool, for after thousands of years it is still used for important rituals.

In the days following Christopher Columbus' exploration of the new world, voodoo began to change. As droves of African slaves were brought to the Americas, religions and customs began to mix.

Voodoo became a mish-mash of European folk magic, Native American healing arts and Catholicism. This caused voodoo dolls to be used in a variety of different ways than it used to be, such as using colored pins. There are many types of voodoo dolls for all purposes, such as love, healing, empowerment, guidance, fertility or cursing. Some dolls are made into talismans or even teaching aids for children. The color of the doll has very strong inclinations for its intended purpose.

These seven colors are also found on pins and needles. They are stuck into the doll to emphasize the intention. The voodoo doll is often meant to address the spirit of a particular person. It can be used to summon the spirit through the Loa so that it hears your plea and makes manifest your desires, wishes and wants.

To communicate with a person's spirit, pin an intimate charm or token of that person to the doll, such as a lock of hair, a picture or a piece of clothing. You can talk directly to the spirit through the doll, appeal to it, ask it questions or persuade it to do something for you. It is up to you.

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Either hold the doll or place it on an altar where you can focus on it. You can add special items, like anointing oils, to increase the power of the doll and make the message clearer. Candle magic is especially effective for sending your message clear into the spirit world.

We should know by now that voodoo is not evil, and most rituals are intended for well-being. During the slave days, however, the slaves would use voodoo dolls as secret self-defense against the slave owners. The mistaken belief that voodoo dolls are only used for harm and vengeance most likely came from the trauma of this history. It is important to note that focusing energy in this way can easily result in karmic backlash, such as depression, conflicts or bad luck.

Traditionally, voodoo dolls are blessed by a priest or medicine man to carry positive vibrations and healing light to avoid such things. Our botanica offers over 10, religious and spiritual products.

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All Rights Reserved. This site was created by Lighthaus Design. Site Information. Please wait Facebook Twitter Pinterest instagram.Your reason for doing so can be simply out of curiosity, or perhaps you actually believe that performing this type of magic can actually give you control over another person.

Voodoo or vodou is a type of magic, magic that is often associated with practitioners that lived in Africa, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and even in Louisiana. Some people believe that this is real, whereas others believe that it is merely superstitious nonsense. Science will say that voo doo has no empirical evidence to support it, and that anything that happens to someone that has apparently suffered as a result of a vodou practitioner was simply affected because they believed it was real.

Voo doo, nonetheless, is a very real form of magic, one that uses what is called sympathetic magic that works very well. In the movies, when you see someone practicing vodou, they will often have a small doll that is representative of a person that they are trying to either inflict some type of pain, or motivate them in some way such as through the use of a love spell.

how to activate a voodoo doll

Those that practice this type of magic believe that there is a supreme creator, and they may worship spirits that are subservient to this God. These spirits, sometimes referred to as Loa, are actually responsible for everything that occurs in your life, and the lives of all others, dynamic personalities that you must cultivate a relationship with in order to survive.

This is why alters are used in vodou, along with what are called devotional objects, and there are rituals which involve dance, music, and spirit possession.

And one of these devotional objects is called a voo doo doll. Although the creation of a doll that is representative of another person that the vodou practitioner is trying to affect may have originated in Africa, it is more commonly associated with those that practice Louisiana vodou, specifically in New Orleans. It is a magical object, one that is both material and the results of visualizations that the practitioner has used during the creation of the doll.

These dolls are a form of sympathetic magic, a type of magic that involves the use of some type of effigy that has a personal item that originated from the person that is the focus of their spell. A lock of hair, or a possession of this person, is added to the doll to form a connection between the practitioner and the person they are trying to cast the spell upon. Once done, the doll itself becomes not only a representation of this individual, but anything that you do to the doll will also affect the person.

In movies, you will often see these dolls that are created for the sole purpose of killing or torturing another person. Placing the doll near a fire will cause the person to feel pain, or impaling the doll to kill this individual, are all part of the lore associated with this type of magic.

If you would like to create a voodoo doll, an effigy of someone that you would like to either hurt, or motivate to care more about you, here is how you can make one very quickly, and if voo doo is real, what you do to the doll will also be done to them. Creating A Voodoo Doll.

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When you create one, you will want to create a literal doll, something that has a head, body, arms and legs. You should dress the doll with material that is similar to what the other person tends to wear, and most importantly, it should have something very personal of the other person. Sympathetic magic is the belief that there is an energy that we all have, and when we are able to touch something that is from another person, we are able to make this contact with them.

Once the personal effect is added to the doll, their energy pattern is imprinted on the doll itself. Once done, you will want to begin the visualization process, one that involves the change that you would like to manifest. Whether this is harm to the other person, or an attempt to make them love you, any visualization can be done while you are holding the doll, channeling your passion for this change to occur. Finally, if you are a practitioner, or if you would aspire to be, you will want to call upon the powers of the Loa or ancient spirits that are the only ones that can ensure that this change will occur.

how to activate a voodoo doll

Just beware that, as with all forms of magic, a price must be paid to bring balance for the changes that you would like to manifest. Once you ask the spirits to help you, there may come a time, especially if the spell works, that the debt must be repaid.

By following these simple steps for creating a voo doo doll, and doing what is necessary to ensure that the spell you are casting is going to work, you should see the changes that you would like to manifest showing up sometime in the near future, especially if you are asking the Loa for help. When you say that the debt must be repaid what exactly do you mean?When using poppets you need to make sure they have the appropriate herbs, stones, and personal items inside the doll.

The personal items could be hair, nail clippings, cloth from their clothes, a picture, etc. If you don't have any of these items you can write the of the person on paper and put that in the doll.

When the doll has been stuffed with the appropriate items specific to the intent you sew it up. You then light a candle of the correct color and anoint the doll with the appropriate oil.

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Hold the doll in your hands and see in your mind what you want to happen with the doll. In other words the outcome. Once that is done let the candle burn down with the doll by it.

If you have not sewn the doll you can put the candle stub in the doll or depending on intent of the doll you can bury it, save it, or throw it away. Keep the doll on your altar or somewhere safe so you can recharge it if needed. Good Luck. One thing I forgot to add. Try to use the doll on yourself only and only for positive things.

To anything other than that can bring some negative energies your way. The doll will only have limited functionality until activated, and after 60 days will begin reminding you that it needs to be activated. Do you have any idea of the repercutions of black magic? For each thing recieved one thing is taken. I not much on religon nor magic, but it is real and the sacrifice you'll face you may not be ready for. The devil gets his due, so don't be fooled.

I know how to activate the voodoo doll but I'm not telling, the price is to high. But in case you are serious, tell me this. Will you play Russian Roulette with a loaded weapon pointing it at your head? Of course not. Then, don't play with a Voodu doll if you don't know anything about Voodu. The consequences could be very dangerous for you. That is a ridiculous thing to do.

Clothier Voodoo Doll

You reap what you sow. If you sow evil it will come back to you tenfold, that is a law of the universe.They can be made out of different materials. They can be made out of fabric and stuffed with moss and herbs. Some Voodoo Dolls are made from sticks tied together. Some people use corn dollies and some make them from wax. Regardless of the material that makes the doll, one thing is absolutely essential for the doll to have any chance of success.

It must contain personal taglocks from the target. The taglocks are what links the doll to its target and the more personal the better. Taglocks can include hair, skin, blood, nail clippings, and handwriting. These would be very good taglocks. Other things that can also be used fabric from clothes worn by the target, jewelry that has been worn by the target, and anything else that has a personal connection to the person.

The most popular type of Voodoo doll is made from cloth. It is stuffed with Spanish moss and a variety of particular herbs and objects. Each person has their own method for creating a Voodoo doll. Once the doll has been assembled, then it is time to add little details to the doll. Usually a picture of the targets face is used. Any identifying characteristics that the target has are added to the doll. This can be in the form of tattoos, scars, birth marks, etc. Once the doll is complete, then a spell is placed on the doll to link it with the target.

Voodoo dolls can be used for many different situations. The most popular is for matters of love. But a Voodoo doll can also be used for protection, to harm, to lose weight, for good luck, or for bad, and for numerous other situations. The idea for working with Voodoo dolls is Symbolism. To put yourself in control, you wrap something personal around the doll, as I mentioned before. You actually tie it all around the doll, binding him, like you are making him a prisoner and he cannot get free. People use different things for this.Love Spells Book.

Magic Symbols Quick Reading. Click On The Magic Bottle! The other day, I wanted to do something that involved using a poppet but I was fresh out of corn husks, linen wraps and wax. So I decided to use the materials at hand to make my poppet. Please don't think of voodoo dolls in the stereotypical way of sticking pins into people, or "Witches of Eastwick". They do a whole lot more than just impersonate another across distances. But this article isn't about how to use poppets, but how to make them - with modern materials and ready to personalise for energy magic.

Start by cutting off a square piece of cling film. That's the hardest part of the operation A tip: For small dolls, such as this one, simply score the cling film with a stanley blade or similar so you get a thin strip. You can shape feet and hands, but again, as I was under time pressure, I didn't on this occasion. I don't call them voodoo dolls, I call these poppets, which is the old fashioned witchcraft term where I come from, but who knows that still these days? Twenty years ago, you could buy little bags with tiny poppets in them called Worry Dolls on every street corner.

It's been a long time since I've even seen these; they must be out of fashion now. Here is how to make your own extra strength worry dolls using our poppet example. Make some tiny little poppets as above - 7 would be good!

Tie one of these around each moppet's neck, line them all up and one at a time, give them your worries to worry about. They will not only worry for you, but also in real voodoo doll fashion set to work and go and resolve these worries for you.

There's one thing though. Should this happen accidentally, go back to the doll and give it the problem afresh. When the problem is resolved, you can take the ribbon off the voodoo doll and it returns to a neutral waiting state until you want to use it again for something. SFX March PS: For more uses of poppets, check back regularly.Have you ever wondered how possible it is to control someone using a voodoo doll? One of the interesting things about this love doll is that it is free and can be used practically by anybody; you do not have to be a love spell guru or a magician before you can cast this love spell.

Firstly, we must understand what voodoo love spell is, what it is used for, and how it works. This begs the question:. In simple words, a voodoo doll is a dummy built in such a way to look like a real person. Interestingly, this doll is all you need for you to be able to control all the activities of a particular person. It is manipulated in such a way that it can either be used for a good or bad purpose.

Voodoo magic is a kind of magic that uses the voodoo doll to gain access and total control of someone. Hoodoo and Voodoo! Although these two sounds similar and more like rhymes but they are not in any way close as they are of entirely different origin.

The hoodoo magic was dated back to slavery time when it was practiced by traditional society. Nevertheless, the Hoodoo doll is also effective. Voodoo which is also spelled as Vodou is a well-known religion in Haiti.

How to Control Someone Using a Voodoo Doll

There are several voodoo gods of which the most popular are Ayida, Legba, Kalfu, Ogun, Marinette, Damballah and lots more. Of all these voodoo, some are good while some only extort humans by demanding sacrifices often.

It works such that whatever action you perform on the doll you have with you will reflect on the person. Make sure you have two dolls that have never been used readily at hand for it to work.

You can either create one by yourself or buy an already made one. These dolls are what will be used to connect both spirits so that you will have overall control of the person. Hold the doll and slit the tip of the head of one doll a little.

After stocking up the doll with personal stuff, use wool to bind the two dolls completely. The wool should cover all the body entirely and bind as a dead body.

Now is the time to rain blessings on the doll as its ready for use. To do this, you need a bowl and water. Fill up the bowl with water, take both dolls on separate hands and immerse them inside the water at the same time.

Your dolls are now effective and can be used to cast spell on someone you wish to do it on. What the candle wax does is to hasten the effect of the voodoo on the person. Voodoo doll love spell works effectively if done in the right way.

how to activate a voodoo doll

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you want to learn how to cast love spell using urine, you are in the right place. A simple love spell using urine comes into reach when thinking of casting love spell. It is absolute free, easy to perform, and the When you finally get to Do you have a specific person in mind, whose heart you want to gain?

Love might not be fair with you. You might have goneHave you ever thought of creating a voodoo doll?

How do I go about making a voodoo doll?

If yes, this post would guide you on easy steps to prepare your voodoo doll. Voodoo dolls are important because they create a channel of communication with the deities and a means of reaching our target irrespective of their location.

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In making a voodoo doll you can use different materials ranging from wooden, silky, cotton, etc. The following are other necessary materials required. These dolls work through the effect of sympathetic magic.

After creating a doll to represent an individual and dressing it up with personal belongings of the target, a connection is created between the doll and the individual.

So any harm or good done to the doll affects the target. If you follow the steps in voodoo doll creation and ensure that your spells are cast correctly then in no distant time your wishes will be granted especially if you are asking the Loa for assistance. If you are in possession of a negative voodoo doll and wish to dispose it, I would suggest different means to you.

To dispose it, you can wrap it in a white cloth and sprinkle it with sea salt. After that, throw the doll into the flowing river or leave it in the woods and walk away without looking back. When you arrive home take a cleansing bath using sea salt. Tag: voodoo dolls preparation. Materials needed: Two sticks Black and white waxed nylon thread or thread for embroidery.

Hemp rope Needles and pins for sewing Fabric glue Fine leather Patterns Cardboard, scissors or paper. Materials to stuff the doll such as herbs or straw. Scraps of cloth, buttons, feathers, for dressing the doll. Steps in Preparation: Use the two sticks to form a cross by placing the short stick perpendicular to the long one.

Knot the two sticks with the thread in an X-shaped movement. It should look like a cross. The upper pole of the long stick represents the head and the lower pole represents the body. The both poles of the short stick represent the arms. Start in the middle, then around the head, then an arm, then around the other arm, then halfway and finally to the bottom. Cover the doll with pieces of cloth using glue and sew to hold everything to your voodoo doll. But remember to keep part of the filler exposed on the ends of the arms, on the head and on the bottom.

On the head, attach some beads to represent the eyes and mouth. Dress your doll with the personal belongings of your target.

You can even put a piece of hair to make the doll more powerful. After your doll has been made ready you should consecrate and baptize it with holy water. How does Voodoo doll work? How to dispose a voodoo doll If you are in possession of a negative voodoo doll and wish to dispose it, I would suggest different means to you.

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